Fundraising with magazines and cookie dough!

From Danielle Stamatiou:

Your child’s Friday Folder last week contained information about our QSP fundraiser for Blake St Public School which from Oct. 3 – Oct 17! Proceeds will go toward supporting parent council initiatives. Check out magazines, cookie dough, wrapping paper and accessories for the holidays, treats and dried goods, jewellery, cookbooks, kitchen items, fall planting bulbs, and much more at using our online school ID 3958253.

Our school profit is 40%-45% on all items…magazines are 37% after tax! This is an AWESOME way to buy what you need AND earn money for our school. Students earn prizes for sending out emails and for orders placed in their name. Be sure to register your child before ordering so family and friends can order on behalf of your child.

All purchases can now be made online. For those who wish to order cookie dough by cash or cheque, paper order forms are available in the main office.  All COOKIE DOUGH orders will be shipped to Blake, other items will be shipped to your preferred address.

Get your cookie dough in time for the holiday season! Nut-free and gluten-free options available!

Thanks for your support!


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