Our Indigo fundraiser

A message from Kelly Dyment:
First, a thank you to all who contributed a story to our Indigo Blake page – we have now achieved 10 out of the possible 10 free books available for that endeavour!
With 6 days left in the campaign, we are still shy of last year’s amount raised in house. We are at $940 raised so far, whereas last year our community fundraising hit $2,300. While it’s amazing to see what’s happening in the store, part of the reason we were selected was because they could see the amount our own community raised. At this point we have only earned 31 of the 40 possible ‘extra’ books in this category.
The store still has a fundraising target of $15,000 and are currently sitting at $8,200. Let’s be sure we show them lots of love on Twitter (@IndigoEatonCtr) and Facebook (@indigoEatonCentre). Let’s help achieve our goals and theirs!
Thanks for all the support thus far – our kids will be benefiting in a HUGE way!

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