Kiki’s Weekly Update

Here is next week’s update from Kiki:

November 8  (Day 4): Nursing students in
11:30   Arts and Crafts: Group A
p.m.   Safari in Kenya at Pape Library: Davey
p.m.   Swimming: Hunt
3:15     Girls Basketball

November 9 (Day 5)
a.m.    Ukelele for juniors
11:50   Karate Kids in the gym for grades 1-3
p.m.    ETT meeting: Tsai
3:15     Sorting clothes in the gym

November 10  (Day 1)
a.m.       Chess: Davey & Paton
a.m.       IPRC meeting at Jess Kechum: Stoch & kiki
10:00     strings
11:30     We Schools club
11:30     Eco-club
3:15       Girls Basketball
3:15      WELLNESS Workshop by Lucy in the library
7:00      EAST PTA

November 11 (Day 2) Freaky Friday
a.m.      Orff for kindies
a.m.      Swimming: Davey
2:30      Talent Show: Barr

Upcoming Events:
Nov. 15   Blake School Council meeting
Nov. 15   Reports go home
Nov. 16   Retake Photo Day
Nov. 18   PA Day

Lost and found: Lost & Found has been sorted again. Please go to the library to claim what is yours! Please label items so they can be returned to students.



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