Kiki’s Weekly Update

For those of you who weren’t able to attend the last parent council meeting (January 17), here is a quick summary of Kiki’s updates:

  1. 55 Division is running a number of programs: Chopped 55, Rock 55, Double Ninja, Survivor 55. These activities are for students in grades 3-6.
  2. EAST Open house is on January 26th  at 6pm.  You must attend to get a registration package. 
  3. Optometry Clinic is being held on January 24th at Queen Alexandra School.  We have about 20 students getting new glasses.
  4. English Kindie Registration is the week of February 13th
  5. Folk Dancing has started.  It runs every Monday from 12-12:30 for grades 4-6.  We have 25 students registered.  Mme Jamieson and Mme Molder are running the club.  Folkfest is usually in May.
  6. Chess is happening once a week for 8 weeks in Mme Sinda’s and Mr. Tsai’s classes.
  7. Jeannie, our artist, has done a great job on the mural in the staircase.  Pamela is installing the Medicine wheel the junior students made outside the library wall.
  8. TDSB Dance Residency has placed a dancer to teach Mr. Tsai’s and Mme O’Sullivan’s classes 5 full days of instruction per class.  These days will be spread out over a couple of months.
  9. Ms. Paton’s class is part of the We Are One Jazz project.  Students have a vocal coach work with them in class on Tuesdays for 40 minutes.  They then go to Monarch CI on Thursdays for training for the entire morning.  This will run until April 19th.  Six schools have been selected.

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