Request for “loose Parts” and clothing for our OPAL play


As many of you know, Blake Street school is an OPAL school. OPAL is a program designed to bring enriched outdoor play to schools during recess, lunch time and after school. Play and experimentation are how humans develop and test new ideas. “Loose parts” play allows students to explore and take risks as they develop a multitude of important skills from social negotiations to STEM processes.

How can you help? Blake needs more “loose parts” and clothing for the outdoor clothing bank. The good news is that this does now have to involve spending money! Before you throw something in the recycling bin, ask yourself “Would a child love to bang this?” or “Could a child build a tower with this?” or “Would a child love to be creative with this?” If the answer is yes, then please donate that “loose part” to Blake! If you have questions about what a “loose part” is, please read the attached document (opal-loose-parts-donation-ask) for more details or visit this website

In addition, OPAL encourages play in all weather, not just on sunny days. This means that Blake is trying to build up an Clothing Bank of outdoor clothes. If your child has outgrown their boots, their rain or snow gear, or mittens and gloves, please consider donating these items to the Clothing Bank. Your donation would mean that a child without outdoor gear could participate.

For more information about OPAL and about donating to the program, please contact Tara Jamieson at or Jodie Church at


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