Final parent council meeting of the year: Tuesday, June 20

blake council2
Blake Street School Parent Council is meeting for the last time this year, next Tuesday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. As always, council provides childcare and dinner.
Any items to add to the agenda? Send them to
For parents and caregivers who would like to be more involved with the parent council, there are two positions that need to be filled (details below.)
For more information on what’s required of the roles and how to put your name forward, write to
School Council Co-Chair –  In addition to performing the same duties as other council members, might: arrange for meetings; prepare agendas; chair council meetings; ensure that minutes of council meetings are recorded and maintained; facilitate the resolution of conflict; participate as ex-officio members of all committees established by the school council; communicate with the school principal on behalf of the council.
This position also ideally involves attending every meeting (or as many as possible) and being accessible to all parents as a go to resource!
It has been the tradition at Blake for the past few years to have two chairs who share this job. Ideally, these two chairs should represent the diverse community of Blake to ensure that all voices are heard. Co-chairs could be from primary or junior, catchment or non-catchment, French or English, etc
Ideally we have 2017/2018 co-chairs in place by the end of the summer so we can hit the ground running in September. Co-Chairs will receive training and mentoring from Alan & Jeanette over the course of the summer.
Currently we have 1 Parent volunteer, an Out of Catchment French Immersion parent. If you are interested or have any questions please feel to reach out. 
Pizza Lunch Coordinator –  This is a position that you can make your own by exploring new food options if that interests you, or you can continue with the well-organized plan that has been fine-tuned over the last couple of years by our excellent and dedicated volunteers. (Big shout out to Keri, who’s been instrumental in leading this group.)

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