Staffing model & school hours for 2017-18


Wondering what class your child will be in next year? You’ll have to check their report card when it comes home June 28. But here’s the staffing model for the next school year, with four French immersion teachers still to hire.

We welcome Jennifer Zurba  as Blake’s new principal next year.

JK/SK: Ms. Whiteside room 100

JK/SK: Ms. Church room 101

JK/SK: Mr. Fowler room 102

Grade ½: Ms. DiCesare room 206

Grade ½:  Ms. Barr room 207

Grades 2/3: Mr. Lowe room 109

Grades 2/3: Mr. Tsai room 208

Grades 4/5: Mr. Nicolaou room 308

Grades 5/6: Mr. Richman room 310

French Immersion

SK: Mme. Mulder


Grade 1: Mme. Dorcin room 108

Grade 1: TBA room 204

Grades ½ : Mme. Clark

Grade 2:  Mme. O’Sullivan room 203

Grade 2/3: TBA room 106

Grades 2/3: TBA  room 107

French core plus French prep (visual arts) Mme. Stagni

Jr. HSP: Ms. Psarplogos room 312

Primary HSP & Resource: Ms. Logan

Gym a.m: Ms. Weinberg

Gym p.m: Ms. Kiil

Music: Ms. Paton room 210

Library & prep: Ms. Dyment



Blake will have a population of 387 students in 2017-18!

With an increasing number of students being bused to the school, Blake has shifted its school hours for all students next year.

School will begin at 8:40 a.m. and end at 3:20 p.m. That will extend morning and afternoon recesses to 15 minutes each.




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