The Basics

Eating at Blake


Other Stuff

When does the school day begin and end?


How do I get into the school?

Parents and caregivers should enter the school through the main entrance on Boultbee Ave. Access is via a secure door–please press the buzzer to receive entry. Do not attempt to access the school through other doors.

How can/should I communicate with my child’s teacher? 

Your teacher will share their preference with you within the first week of classes. Each teacher has their preferred communications channels which may include the agenda, email, or a class website.  

How can/should I communicate with the school administration?

Email is the fastest way to communicate with our school administration. See the contact information on the Who’s Who page for more details.

I want to pick up my child early–what should I do?

If you know in advance that your child will need to leave class early, please email the office with those details. Your child will be waiting in the office to be picked up at the pre-arranged time. If your child must leave early without prior notice, please report to the office and sign your child out of classes. 

My child is going to be late–what should I do?

If you know your child will be late on a given day, call or email the office prior to 8:45 am. If you do not report the lateness or absence, you will receive an automated phone call requiring your input on the status of your child. Please note that you will continue to receive automated calls to every contact number on file until the matter is resolved.

When coming to school late, please sign your child in at the office and get a late slip to give to your child’s teacher. 

 How do I know what’s going on at Blake?

The TDSB important dates website is an excellent resource for holidays and PD days.

In addition, Blake Street school has a calendar that contains a great deal of school and parent council information. You will find in-school activities such as Kilometre Club listed, as well as after-school fun such as Movie nights.

Is Blake a nut-free school? If so, what are the rules about bringing nut-like sandwiches (like WOW butter)?

Allergies to nuts can be life-threatening. We ask that students not bring lunches that are known to contain nuts (for example, peanut butter). Nut substitutes, such as WowButter, are acceptable items. In the event a child brings a nut product for lunch, the child will be taken to the office to eat and appropriate follow up with the parent or caregiver will follow.

What is the “breakfast program”?

Our school offers a Breakfast Club each morning. Cold items are offered beginning at 8 am, and a hot breakfast with fruit is offered after 8:10 am. Breakfast Club is open to all; students sign in for attendance and auditing purposes. JK/SK students should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. Funding and volunteer support for the Breakfast Club is donated by Bosley Real Estate’s Danforth Branch and our generous parent population. More details including the daily menu are available here.

Where is the breakfast program located?

Students should enter via the north doors of the gym, off Kiswick Street.

What is the “morning meal”?

Every morning before recess, morning meal (aka snack) is delivered to each classroom. This snack consists of three food groups and is funded by Toronto Foundation for Student Success.  Donations to the morning meal program and volunteers are always appreciated. Donation envelopes are sent home twice a year. More information and a monthly menu are available here.

 Is Blake a litter-free lunch school?

Blake is moving to becoming a litter-free lunch school so that we can maintain our Gold Eco schools status. A litter-free lunch is one where food and drinks are stored in re-usable containers rather than disposable wrapping like aluminium foil or plastic wrap. We strongly encourage students to bring a litter-free lunch when possible.

My child will be taking the bus to and from Blake. Where does the bus drop them off and pick them up at Blake?

The school bus will drop off and pick up children directly at the main school entrance on Boultbee Avenue.

How do I find out about the bus schedule and about other bus-related issues?

All bus-related issues are managed by Robin Wilson at the TDSB. Her phone number is 416-394-7381. Parents should also ensure they have the telephone number of the bus company that operates the before-school and after-school portions of the trip.

When school busses are running late, get the latest on:  www.torontoschoolbus.org. Click the pink tab at the top of the page and go to the “late bus portal”.

Where should I park to drop off my child for school or daycare?

The school parking lot is located around the back of the school. Do not park in front of the main entrance during drop off or pick up time as this creates a safety hazard for children entering or exiting the school grounds. 

 Should my child have indoor shoes? 

Whenever the weather requires children to wear outdoor footwear (like rain boots or snow boots), your child should bring a pair of shoes to wear inside. Wet outdoor footwear must be left outside the classroom.

 Where is the lost and found at Blake? 

Lost and Found items can be found on table under the main stairs.  Feel free to review the tables whenever you wish. At certain intervals during the school year, these items will be placed in the library or on a table in the hall so that parents and students can check for lost items. After parents and children have had adequate time to retrieve lost items, unclaimed items will be donated. Watch this site and the Blake Beat newsletter to find out when the lost and found items can be viewed.