Kindergarten FAQs

Preparing for your first day of school

Time for school!

Who is my child’s teacher?

JK students (English) and SK students (French Immersion) will receive a letter by mail some time during July that will identify their assigned teacher. For JK students going into SK, teacher placement and room number will be indicated on the final report card before the school year ends.  

What should my child bring to school?

Your child’s teacher will let you know during the first week of class if there are any special requirements. For the most part, you do not need to bring any supplies, but it is recommended that your child has a change of clothing to keep in the classroom. We also suggest that you apply sunscreen to your child during the warmer months as teachers do not apply sunscreen. Please ensure that all items belonging to your child (clothing, backpack, etc) are clearly labelled with first and last name in the event an item is misplaced.

Does my child need indoor shoes?

When the weather requires your child to wear weather-specific footwear (such as rain boots or snow boots), we ask that you also provide a pair of shoes to wear while indoors. Wet footwear is taken off before entering the classroom.

I’ve heard that kids lose stuff at school. How can I avoid this?

Indeed children of all ages misplace their possessions at school. The teachers try to help children keep track of their items, but inevitably, things go missing. We highly recommend labeling your children’s lunch bags, lunch items, water bottle, hats, etc. Laundry markers are one option, and another is to buy ready-made labels. If you are considering purchasing labels, please remember that if you purchase through Mabel’s Labels, the company gives Blake school a percentage of the sales.There is no charge to you. More details are on the Blake School Council page.

When does the kindergarten day start and end?

All children have the same school hours – 8:40-3:20.

Where is drop off and pick up for kindergarteners?

Kindies should be dropped off each morning at the enclosed kindergarten playscape, on the east side of the building (Door 4). Pick up will vary by teacher; some classes are dismissed from the playscape while others are dismissed from the classroom. Please confirm pick up procedures with your child’s teacher.

What should my child bring to school each day? 

Every child should bring their lunch to school each day. Snacks are provided by the school. As mentioned, your child’s teacher will outline any special requirements for your child within the first week of school. 

What is the daily schedule for kindergarteners? 

Our kindergarteners enjoy a day filled with learning, creating, and interaction. While there is not a formal recess time, they do have scheduled outdoor play time throughout the day. Your child’s teacher can provide you with a schedule that identifies the time periods for gym, library, dance, and other activities that take place throughout the week.